Conservation of Genetic Resources is vital to reduce genetic erosion and maintain genetic integrity of the conserved accessions of crops.

Soybean as one of the mandate crops of IITA is a specie of legume originated from East Asia. The bean has numerous uses. It is classed as oilseed rather than pulse. The hybrid material developed and released by IITA breeders for food, feed and raw materials for industries across the country. Various researches has been conducted and different breakthroughs varied from yield improvement of the seed based on shattering tendency of the pulse, nutritional content, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress have been reported.

IITA genetic resources center explored to increase the diversity within the genus, evaluates, characterizes and conserves varieties of traits of this crop for the development of elite materials in a bid to fight hunger amongst the teeming population of Africa.

IITA Genetic Resources Center conserves a total of 4,841 accessions of soybean germplasm from 25 countries across the globe and this are made available for food and agricultural research purposes across the globe.