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Yam accession TDa-1255

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Crop identifier Yam

Crop type

IITA Accession Prefix TDa

IITA accession prefix

IITA Accession Identifier TDa-1255

This number serves as a unique identifier for accessions and is assigned when an accession is entered into the collection. Once assigned this number should never be reassigned to another accession in the collection. Even if an accession is lost, its assigned number is never re-used.

Genus Dioscorea


Species alata


Cultivar name BE 117

Either a registered or other formal cultivar designation given to the accesion.

Collection code

Collection code

Country of origin Benin

Name of the country in which the sample was collected.

Singer taxonomy code 1225

Singer taxonomy code.

FAO in trust Yes

FAO in trust

Listed on Annex1 Yes

Accession is on Annex1 list

Please contact IITA Genebank to check germplasm availability.

Characterization data

ID 262

Serial 1255

Stem length in centimeters 119

Stem length in centimeters ten days after emergence.

Waxiness No


Hairiness No


Spines No


Colored spots at the base of the spine No

Colored spots at the base of the spine.

Barky patches No

Barky patches.

Layering habit No

Layering habit.

Twining direction Anticlockwise (climbing to the right)

Twining direction

Stem height 3

Stem height 8 weeks after.

Stem number per hill 1

Stem number per hill (plant).

Internode number upto first branching 1

Internode number upto first branching.

Adult stem color G

Adult stem color.

Adult stem hairiness Dense

Adult stem hairiness.

Awax 0

Striation No

Fluted appearance e.g. longitudinal ridges.

Cataphylls position Alternate

Cataphylls position.

Spininess Many (entire stem)

Spininess at 8 weeks after

Coalescent spines No

Coalescent spines.

Coloured spots at spine base 0

Leaf type Simple, entire, shallowly lobed

Leaf type.

Leatheriness No


Total number of veins per leaf 7

Total number of veins per leaf

Leaf color Green

Leaf color.

Upward folding of leaf along main vein Weak

Upward folding of leaf along main vein.

Downward arching of leaf lobes

Downward arching of leaf lobes.


Position of the broadest leaves 2

Adult leaf tip Short (<2 mm)

Adult leaf tip.

Adult leaf tip color Other

Adult leaf tip color.

Petiole length in centimeters Medium (5-10 cm)

Petiole length.

Colored spot position on petiole Middle

Colored spot position on petiole

Stipules shape 0

Stipules shape.

Relationship of tubers Completely separate but close cluster

Relationship of tubers.

Corm size in relation to tuber size 1

Corm size in relation to tuber size.

Corm shape 2

Spininess of roots No

Sprouting at harvest No

Sprouting at harvest.

Aerial tuber formation No

Aerial tuber formation.

Skin thickness Thin

Skin thickness.

Tuber shape after harvest Irregular

Tuber shape after harvest.

Tuber length 6-20 cm

Tuber length

Rugosity of tuber surface Smooth

Rugosity of tuber surface.

Cracks on tuber surface No

Cracks on tuber surface.

planting date 23/04/2004 00:00:00

Days to emergence 28

Number of days between sowing and emergence.

Internode no 17

Internode number ten days after emergence.

Young stem colour 4

Assessed at 20 days after emergence

Adult plant type Climbing

Adult plant type.

Bearing type Thick foliage

Bearing type.

Field vigour of entire plant Intermediate

Field vigour of entire plant.

Stem diameter 3

Stem diameter at 15 cm from the base of the plant.

Internode length 10

Internode length at middle level.

Branching 7

Branching at 16 weeks after.

Rugosity No


Cataphylls Absent


Hair type Other

Hair type.

Spine shape Curved down

Spine shape.

Spines length Long

Spines length.

Color of spot at spine base Maroon

Color of spot at spine base.

No of surv plants 4wap 6

Number of leaves 20 days after emerging 28

Number of leaves 20 days after emerging.

Types of pigmentation 0

Young leaf hairiness Upper and lower surface

Young leaf hairiness of upper/lower surface.

Leaf arrangement 2

Onset of leafing Early

Onset of leafing.

Leaf density Dense

Leaf density.

Internode number to first assimilating leaf 2

Internode number to first assimilating leaf.

Undulation of leaf margin Many

Undulation of leaf margins.

Leaf shape Cordate long

Leaf shape.

Lobe shape Pointed

Lobe shape.

Distance between lobes No measurable distance

Distance between lobes.

Leaf base shape Obtuse

Leaf base shape.

Leaf length in centimeters 12

Leaf length in centimeters

Leaf width in centimeters 11

Leaf width in centimeters.

Color of spots on petiole Purple

Color of spots on petiole.

Amount of leafing in october Intermediate

Amount of leafing in october.

Maturity (tubers) after emergence Intermediate (7-8 months)

Maturity (tubers) after emergence.

Tuber growth Annual (Tuber renewed every year)

Tuber growth

Tubers per hill One

Number of tubers per hill.

Skin color Light brown

Skin color.

Surface texture Smooth

Surface texture.

Tuber shape uniformity Very uniform

Tuber shape uniformity.

Tendency of tuber to branch Branched

Tendency of tuber to branch.

Place where tuber branches Upper third part

Place where tuber branches.

Tuber width 46

Tuber width (the most greatest).

Rootlets on tuber surface Some

Rootlets on tuber surface.

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