IITA Genebank information center is the unit that manage the electronic system of genebank accessions. The information of crop genetic materials are being registered into the system by the genebank staffs via the intranet database right from the source (field, Laboratory) to the system. GRC Database captures all the process of storage, regeneration, control and delivery of seeds and plant materials for ready availability as at when needed. Unique features of IITA genebank data management system is its ability to offer worldwide on-line access to passport data (information on the identity, history, geographical origin and botanical classification of materials) of over 139,000 accessions (as at today) including seed and clonal crops. Increasingly, characterization and passport data of selected clonal and seed crops are published on the accession database where efforts are also in place to include the evaluation data.

Passport and characterization data from IITA genebank data center are also integrated to the Crop Trust Treaty via web service for worldwide access. IITA data center are made up of Professionals of diverse background that work with agile methodology to ensure data curation via the GRC online database system are maintained with zero downtime in operations. Genebank database staffs are working in team to aim at continuously converting the traditional data management system from journal, file system and note books to modern database management (RDBMS) for better curation and data integrity.

Ever since, IITA genebank ordering system allowed external users to retrieve information about the genebank material (passport and characterization data) in diverse ways and download them for usage. Users can order seed and planting materials as well as materials stored in vitro using shopping cart selection methodology. The Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) can be signed directly on the system. The system data analysis shows that more than 90% of the materials order are treated..

Major Modules of IITA Genebank data management system

Genebank inventory management system support the daily work processes of the technicians and genebank staffs. It is supporting the internal operation and workflow both internal and remotely in the following areas:

=>Crop taxonomic data

=>Seed processing (barcoding methodology).

=>Passport data management.

=>Materials going out for regeneration management.

=>Germination and Viability of seed management.

=>Barcode printing and labelling management etc.

Some data capturing processes and characterization is achieve using mobile devices (Android Tablet) alongside the internal operations of IITA genebank system.